Microchipping for Pets

If your loyal companion gets lost without having any collars or tags, it can be very stressful. Not knowing if you’ll be reunited with your pet is not something any pet owner should have to worry about. Microchips give added reassurance so that if your pet slips out of their collar, they can be identified. To book an appointment for your pet, call us at 705-322-2661.

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What is a microchip?

A microchip is a small transponder with a smooth glass coating. The chip is the size of a rice grain and is implanted under the skin near the back of the neck. All microchips have an ID number and code that can be used to identify your pet.

How does a microchip work?

Once the chip is implanted, we register your pet with the microchip company by uploading your name, address, and phone number. If your pet gets lost, an animal control officer or veterinarian will use a special scanner to detect the chip. Your contact information will be retrieved from the company’s database, and you’ll receive a phone call with the happy news. 

To ensure a happy reunion should your pet get lost, it is essential that you always update your contact information as soon as it changes.

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