Bloodwork Services for Pets

In veterinary medicine, bloodwork is essential for diagnosis and overall care. Our veterinarians can diagnose various conditions such as anemia, heart disease, parasites, allergies, infections, and more with blood tests. At our hospital, we have our own diagnostic laboratory, which means we can provide prompt results.

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When is bloodwork necessary for my pet?

Our team recommends blood tests for the following instances:

  1. Baseline health information: A blood test will show your pet’s normal blood levels if your pet is healthy. This is used to spot differences in the future.
  2. Preanesthetic testing: Bloodwork will show underlying problems that cause anesthesia complications.
  3. Veterinary exam: Pets need wellness exams especially when they are a senior or puppy/kitten. During the exam, we can detect potential health problems or monitor known issues.
  4. Your pet is showing signs of illness: Fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, and skin problems are signs your pet is unwell. A blood test can narrow down the cause of their symptoms and diagnose them.

How is blood taken from my pet?

Drawing blood from pets works the same as taking human blood. Our team is specially trained to make the process comfortable for your pet. A needle is injected in a vein on their leg or neck. 

How can I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

To ensure our team gets a quality blood sample, we ask that your loyal companion fasts at least 8 hours before their appointment. If your pet eats before their appointment, there’s a possibility the sample could have fat droplets that can interfere with the results. If your pet is on medication, please check with our receptionist before discontinuing the medication. To schedule a blood test for your pet, give us a call at 705-322-2661.

What other diagnostic tests are performed at your hospital?

Our in-house lab enables us to perform various diagnostic tests with a quick turnaround time. For some complicated cases, we refer samples to external labs. We perform the following tests in-house:

  • Complete blood count and differential (CBC & Diff)
  • Biochemical, wellness, and pre-surgical chemistry profiles
  • Serum electrolytes
  • Serum Progesterone
  • Coagulation Profiles
  • Parvovirus test
  • Feline Leukemia/Feline AIDS Test
  • In house Urinalysis (Sedivue)
  • EKG (Cardiopet)
  • Petrays radiology consultations

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