We understand it’s hard to say good-bye


Facing the loss of a pet is difficult, and our staff at Elmvale Veterinary Hospital understand how meaningful your pet was to you and your family.  Our pets enlighten our lives, and their departure can be devastating.  

We support your grieving process and know it’s important to celebrate the life of your pet.  We’ll help make memorial arrangements that suit the needs of your family. 

A peaceful place

We have a dedicated quiet room where you and your pet can spend as much time as you need together before and after you say good-bye.  If you prefer to spend the final moments with your pet at home or at a favorite beach, park or other special location, feel free to discuss these options with us.     

Aftercare services

If you wish to speak to someone about your loss, please contact: 

The OVC Pet Loss Support Line at 1-519-824-4120 ext. 53694

We are partnered with Pets Above for our aftercare services.  For more information on aftercare options call us at 705-322-2661 or visit:  https://www.petsabove.com/