Microchip tracking systems bring you & your pet together quickly and easily

Added reassurance

It’s distressing when your pet becomes lost, especially if your pet doesn’t have a collar on or slipped out of one.  The microchip is widely used as added reassurance for helping reunite you and your lost pet.  

At Elmvale Veterinary Hospital, we can implant microchips in dogs or cats.  They’re small durable transponders the size of a grain of rice with a smooth glass coating.  Microchips contain an ID number and code to identify your pet as well as your name, address and phone number.  

How the microchip works

The microchip is registered on a database, and you’ll receive a copy of the registration.   If your pet gets lost anywhere in North America, a scan for the microchip by an animal control officer or veterinarian will display the ID number and code, so they can call our database.  You will get a phone call with the happy news your pet was found.

Always keep your collar tag and microchip number with you in case an ownership issue arises. We don’t charge for ownership changes or yearly maintenance.  We suggest you get a “Bill of Sale” from the previous owner.  

Keep your name, address and phone number up to date with the database.  Your pet may not find its way back home to you if your contact information is not current:  

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