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Finding forever homes

The Elmvale Veterinary Hospital works with local volunteers, Janice Minings and Darlene McLean, to rescue and rehabilitate cats and kittens from feral cat colonies in Elmvale.  

Adults are spayed and neutered when possible, vaccinated and dewormed and released back into the colony or placed in new homes.  Kittens are removed from the colony and vaccinated, dewormed, given flea control medication and are re-homed to loving families. 

Over the last 5 years, we found forever homes for several hundred cats and kittens.  In addition, each spring we participate in the "Fur Raiser" silent auction and dinner to help raise funds for Elmvale Kitty Condo Rescue.  

For more information contact Elmvale Veterinary Hospital or Janice Minings at